Human Resources Priorities

At the heart of Nexans strategy, human resources demand a strong proactive approach focused on activities and skills and related to local job market conditions. This approach intends to bring dynamism to HR processes and emphasizes the “business” dimension.


Contribute to the Nexans Group success

Human resources prioritiesTo drive its growth and prepare for the future, Nexans strives to develop and promote quality employees and adopt a voluntarist Human Resources approach.
Its goals :

  • build teams’ commitment,
  • develop skills,
  • share knowledge and best practices,
  • encourage mobility,
  • reinforce customer orientation
  • increase the Group’s attractivity for its employees


Training: crucial for progress

Allow each employee to enrich his or her skills and performance through a targeted training program means:

  • mobilize personnel around shared values, goals and methods,
  • contribute to the Group’s success.

212 000 hours of training in 2005 (internal or external, in the field of technologies, languages and management)

In 2005,
launch of the Sales+ program
Dedicated to the whole Nexans sales force worldwide, this training aims at improving sales efficiency and boost performance through an array of methods and best practices.


Career management : for a dynamic career progression

Progression, working abroad, evolution, is essential for each employee willing to manage its career progression.

Nexans has standardized career management internal tools : creation of a Career Committee at the Corporate level and in each country, annual performance review, processes to encourage geographic mobility.


Participation : teams’ contribution to the Group success

Team commitment is reinforced by an attractive compensation policy fair for all the employees. Manager compensation is made up of a fixed salary plus a variable bonus related to job position, individual and common goals set at the start of the year and to the Group’s financial performance. Sales people are also eligible for a profit-sharing scheme and a bonus related to business units results

Nexans regularly launches:
  • international employee
    share plan,
  • stock option plan for some classes of managers.


An open and constructive labor dialogue

Nexans maintains an open, constructive dialogue with labor union representatives. “Newco”, the Nexans European Work Council representing 13 countries, meets twice a year. Discussions are primarily centered on Group’s strategic plan and its implication for manufacturing operations and Nexans employees.


Recruitment : priority to mobility

Recruitment is another of Nexans’ growth drivers. During the past few years, the Group has accelerated its recruiting program, favoring young graduates able to work in an international environment.

Since 2005:
Priority to international

The Group has recruited 200 engineers and managers open to mobility.
Nexans has also launched numerous internship programs throughout the world.


Some figures

Total employeesResearch Center

Number of employee

* 19 850 after integration in the scope of consolidation of Autoelectric’ subsidiaries (Germany) in application of IAS 27.

Number of new hires 

Number of new recruits