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Systems, Accessories & Equipment  
Electrical equipments  
Prefabricated substations  
Unités fonctionnelles  
Dimensions et masses  
Transformateurs secs Nexans  
NOVARE Résidentiel  
NOVARE Power  
LAN Cabling Systems  
Copper LAN Systems  
Category 6A  
LANmark-6A Cable  
LANmark-6A Field Terminable Plug  
LANmark-6A Snap-In Connector  
LANmark-6A Ultim UniBoot Patch Cords  
Category 8  
LANmark-8 Patch Panels  
LANmark-8 Cable  
LANmark-7A/-8 GG45 Connector  
Pre-terminated Copper  
LANmark Pre-Term Bundles  
LANmark Pre-Term Single Units  
Tools & Accessories  
Cable ties  
Coloured Latch Protectors for LANmark UniBoot Patch Cords  
Coloured Shutters for Snap-In Structural Hardware  
Keystone Clips  
Voice grade  
Voice Patch Panels  
Zone Distribution Boxes  
LANmark Zone Distribution Boxes  
Category 5e  
LANmark-5 Shielded Cable  
LANmark-5 U/UTP Cable  
LANmark-5 Snap-In Connector  
LANmark-5 UniBoot Patch Cords  
Category 6  
LANmark-6 Shielded Cable  
LANmark-6 U/UTP Cable  
LANmark-6 Snap-In Connector  
LANmark-6 UniBoot Patch Cords  
Essential-6 U/UTP Cable  
Essential-6 Keystone Connector  
Essential-6 Patch Panels  
Essential-6 Outlet Modules  
Essential-6 Patch Cords  
Category 7 / 7A  
LANmark-7 Cable  
GG45 8C PCB jack  
LANmark-7A Cable  
LANmark-7A/-8 GG45 Connector  
LANmark-7A Patch Cord  
Modular Patch Panels & Patchguides  
Modular Patch Panels for Snap-In Connectors  
Patch Guides, Blank Panels & Cable Management  
Modular Patch Panels for Keystone Connectors  
Modular Outlets  
European Mounting Hardware for LANmark  
German Mounting Hardware for LANmark  
UK Mounting Hardware for LANmark  
US Mounting Hardware for LANmark  
3rd Party Compatible Mounting Hardware  
European Mounting Hardware for Essential Keystone  
US Mounting Hardware for Essential  
Fibre LAN Systems  
Adaptors and Modules  
LANmark-OF Snap-In Adaptor  
LANmark-OF Plug&Play MTP Adaptor Plates  
Standard Adaptors  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE LC Adaptor Modules  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE MTP Adaptor Modules  
LANmark-OF Female Plug&Play MTP-LC Module  
LANmark-OF Plug&Play Adapter Plates  
Fibre Connectors & Connector Accessories  
LANmark-OF Anaerobic Connectors - Bulk Packaging  
LANmark-OF Anaerobic Connectors - Individually Packed  
Fibre Patch Panels  
LANmark-OF Sliding Patch Panels  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE Patch Panels  
LANmark-OF Plug&Play Patch Panels  
LANmark-OF Demarcation Boxes  
LANmark-OF Zone Distribution box  
Structural Hardware  
Patch Cords  
LANmark-OF Aggregation Assembly MTP/F-4XDLC  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE Patch Cord Duplex LC  
LANmark-OF MTP-MTP Patch Cords  
LANmark-OF Ruggedised Patch Cords  
LANmark-OF Slimflex Patch Cords OM3  
LANmark-OF Slimflex Patch Cords OM4  
LANmark-OF Slimflex Patch Cords Singlemode  
Pigtails & Splicing Materials  
LANmark-OF Splicing Accessories  
LANmark-OF Splicing Fan-Out Accessories  
LANmark-OF Pigtails Maxistrip Set of 12 colors  
LANmark-OF Pigtails Maxistrip  
LANmark-OF Pigtails Tight Buffer Set of 12 Colours  
LANmark-OF Pigtails Tight Buffer  
LANmark-OF Splice Cassettes  
Pre-Terminated Fibre Assemblies  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE Indoor MPO-MPO Pre-Term  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE LC/LC Pre-Term Euroclass B2ca  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE Method B MTP-MTP Pre-Term Bca  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE Method C MTP-MTP Pre-Term Bca  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE Patching Assemblies B2ca  
Tools & Accessories  
LANmark-OF Cleaning Tools  
LANmark-OF Fibre Accessories  
LANmark-OF MTP PRO Tools and Accessories  
Fibre Cables  
Cabled Optical Fibres Specifications  
LANmark-OF Tight Buffer Universal Dca  
LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal (144F) Cca  
LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal (24F-96F) Eca  
LANmark-OF Micro-Bundle Universal (6F-12F) Dca  
LANmark-OF MC PE (Multitube Steel Armoring - Outdoor)  
LANmark-OF MG PE (Multitube - Outdoor)  
LANmark-OF UC PE (Unitube Steel Armoring - Outdoor)  
LANmark-OF UCUN (Unitube Steel Armoring - Universal) Eca  
Automated Infrastructure Management  
LANsense Sliding Fibre Panels  
LANsense Copper Patch Panels  
LANsense Copper Patch Cords  
LANsense Fibre Patch Cords  
LANsense Next Generation Analyser  
LANsense I/O Cables  
Secure IT Environment  
Secure Copper Products  
LANmark Secure Lock Copper Keys  
LANmark-6 Secure Lock Cords  
LANmark-6A Secure Lock Cords  
Secure Fibre Products  
LANmark-OF Secure Lock LC Keys  
LANmark-OF Secure Lock LC Locking Plugs  
LANmark-OF Secure Lock LC Patch Cords  
Industrial LAN & Harsh Environments  
LANmark Industry Field Terminable Plugs  
LANmark Industry Copper cables  
LANmark Industry DIN-Rail Outlets and boxes  
LANmark Industry IP65/67 outlets  
LANmark Industry patch cord RJ45 IP67/IP20 Cat 6A  
Patch Frames, Trunking & Accessories  
Fibre Trunking System  
120 System (4.75 inch)  
240 System(9.45 Inch)  
Supporting Kits  
Transition adapters  
Waterfall & Accessories  
Patch Frames & Accessories  
LANmark Over Head Patch frames - 4U & 6U  
Industrial and Office Switches  
Mounting accesories for industrial environment  
Industrial Ethernet switches  
Configuration Accessories for Industrial Ethernet switches  
Memory Cards for Industrial Ethernet switches  
Nexans Industrial Ethernet Managed Full Gigabit 16 Ports Switches with HSR/PRP redundancy  
Nexans Industrial Ethernet Managed Full Gigabit 16 Ports Switches  
Ruggedized Ethernet Full Gigiabit managed compact switches  
Power supplies  
Nexans industrial power supplies  
Software, Training, & Services  
Warranty Services  
Network Design Tools  
Training Services  
Telecom Infrastructures  
Coaxial cables  
Aerial and façade cables  
Indoor and Outdoor cables  
Indoor only cables  
Special cables  
Underground cables  
Coaxial components  
Aerial and façade boxes  
Indoor boxes and outlets  
Tools and cabling accessories  
Watertight closures  
Copper components  
Aerial and façade boxes  
Indoor boxes and outlets  
Indoor cabinets & frames  
Outdoor Cabinets  
Preterminated cables & connectivity  
Terminal blocks for MDF  
Watertight closures  
Copper installation tools and accessories  
Cable installation (clamps, tubes etc.)  
Tools and cabling accessories (OSA3, OVP, etc.)  
Copper pair cables  
Alarm and Security cables  
Industrial Ethernet  
LAN cables  
Residential cables  
Special cables  
Telecom Aerial and façade cables  
Telecom Indoor and Outdoor cables  
Telecom Indoor cables  
Telecom Underground cables  
PTT 74 public telephone cables  
PTT 78-79 public telephone cable  
PTT 98-99 public telephone cables  
Fibre Installation tools and accessories  
Cable installation (clamps, tubes etc.)  
Tools and cabling accessories (incl smooves)  
Fibre cables  
Aerial and façade cables  
Indoor and Outdoor cables  
Indoor only cables  
Special cables  
Underground cables  
Underwater cables  
Fibre optic LAN cables  
Fibre components  
Aerial and façade boxes  
Indoor boxes and outlets  
Indoor cabinets & frames  
Modules for ODF  
Outdoor Cabinets  
Passive devices (splitters, WDM, etc.)  
Preterminated cables & connectivity  
Watertight closures  
Hybrid Components (& power)  
Aerial and façade boxes  
Indoor boxes and outlets  
Tools and cabling accessories  
Watertight closures  
Hybrid cables (& power)  
Aerial and façade cables  
Indoor and Outdoor cables  
Indoor only cables  
Special cables  
Underground cables  
Network engineering assistance  
Smart Inventory  
Outdoor Energy cables  
LV aerial bundled cables  
Service cables  
Distribution cables  
MV underground power cables  
Cable MT NFC 33-220 / IEC 60502-2 12/20 (24) kV  
Cable MT NFC 33-220 / IEC 60502-2 18/30 (36) kV  
Cable MT NFC 33-220 / IEC 60502-2 3.6/6 (7.2) kV  
Cable MT NFC 33-220 / IEC 60502-2 6/10 (12) kV  
Cable MT NFC 33-220 / IEC 60502-2 8.7/15 (17.5) kV  
MV cable NFC 33-223 15/25(30)KV  
Cable MT NFC 33-223 18/30 (36) kV  
Cable MT NFC 33-226 18/30 (36) kV  
Overhead lines  
Bare Aluminium cables  
Compact conductors  
Aluminium conductors  
Bi-metallic conductors in aluminium and zinc coated steel (ASCR)  
Conductors in aluminium alloy (AAAC)  
Bare Copper conductors  
Cuivre nu Recuit  
Bare copper conductor  
Indoor energy cables  
Wires and cables 1kV  
Fire resistant cables 1kV  
Low fire hazard cables 1kV  
CPR Cca-s1, d1, a1
ALSECURE® A 0.6/1kV  
Standard cables and wires 1kV  
U1000 AR02V (industriel non armé)  
U-1000 RVFV (industrial armoured)  
U-1000 R2V (industrial unarmoured)  
Wires and cables <1kV  
Standard wires & cables <1kV  
U500 SV (H07 V-K)  
Souplex (1000 SE1V)  
U500 SV1V (H05VV-F)  
U500V : H07V-U Filvit / H07V-R  
U500VGV (A05VV-U)  

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LV energy cables  
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Solar panel cables  
Elevator cables  
MV cables  
LAN copper cables  
LAN fiber cables  
LAN cabling solutions  
LAN Intelligent Infrastructure Management  
Industrial Ethernet and LANs  
Active network systems and accessories  
Fiber-to-the-Building solutions  
Fiber-to-the-Home solutions  
Fiber-to-the-Home, multi-dwelling solutions  
CATV cables  
CCTV cables  
Fire safety  
Fire: costs and consequences  
Why are cables concerned?  
Nexans commitment  
Alsecure® range: Low Fire Hazard cables  
Alsecure® Plus & Alsecure® Premium: Fire resistant cables  
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Smart Grid solutions for Transmission Networks  
Smart Grid solutions for Distribution Networks  
Smart grid products  
Capacity increase solutions  
Reduce your environmental impact  
Solutions for monitoring  
Solutions presenting citizen benefits  
Solutions to enhance Distribution reliability  
Solutions to enhance Transmission reliability  
Solutions to increase and control renewable power  
Smart grids - Documentation  
Submarine High Voltage Cables  
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Delma Island  
Koh Samui  
Safanyia land to platform connections  
The Skagerrak projects  
Valhall - Power from Shore  
Subsea power networks  
Reliable Power networks  
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Aerial Bundled Conductors (ABCs)  
Cable installation  
Cables & connectors for transformers  
Fiber optic data cables and accessories  
High Voltage Underground Cable Solutions  
Aerial transmission network  
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Services - Full life-cycle maintenance  
Telecom Networks  
White paper Micro-blown cable  
Fibre networks  
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