Do you know Nexans' commitment with environment, social and governance?

In November 18th, Nexans Group celebrated the ESG Day: check here how it was and what it means to Nexans in Africa


"Nexans has always been part of the history of electricity. From its discovery by Edison to this new electrified world, Nexans is a continuous part of this living history. For over a century, we have played a crucial role in the electrification of the world. Now, it’s time to amplify it! In a sustainable way."


It was said by our CEO, Chris Guerin, in the occasion of ESG Day that Nexans Group celebrates on November 18th.


As part of this living history, we are outlining the steps that are taking in three key areas: Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), to continue making its vision a reality.


n that occasion of ESG Day, Nexans launched a sequence of video showing our purpouse and mission and the examples about our initiatives for that, which makes us ready to electrify the future!


But, in a practical way, what does it really means?


On the "Environment" part you will check how we are building the sustainable energy highway of the future and committed to reduce carbon impact on the planet in innovative ways.


At the "Social" part you will discover how we are looking after people and building a diverse and inclusive workplace for all, keeping people safety, engaging them, creating a diverse community and favoriting our Nexans Foundation fundaments and activities.


And last, at "Governance" you will understand the way Nexans is sharing its values and the highest ethical standards among its all stakeholders: not only shareholders and employees but also suppliers and the communities where our facilities are in. 


When you think about Africa region, you see that we are also engaged and aligned with this ambition:


  • Making future brighter with the PRONER electrification project in Ivory Coast
  • Deploy a maintenance training center focusing on proactive maintenance strategy linked to the business priorities in Morocco
  • Been energy self-generator by a roof solar panels in out plant in Morocco
  • Favor several Nexans Foundation’s projects in several countries in Africa region
  • Active participation of the local employees on “Compliance Week” global program.


Want to know more about our ESG? Check here!


Nexans – electrify the future